3 Days Beijing Extensions

3 days Beijing Extensions provides short tour choices for Beijing expats who wish to maximize their holidays and for those who are looking for city break deals. Beijing Explorer is a professional tour operator aiming to provide high quality personalized travel service for every client. We have a selection of fully guided tours on offer and free tailor-make service.

At present, there are totally 5 one-day public holidays throughout the year in mainland China. They are New Year Day, Qingming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-autumn Festival. These holidays are usually bundled with the weekend, making a 3-day holiday. These days off afford expats opportunities to explore more of this country.

Whether you are interested in sightseeing, cultural exploration, adventure, time to relax on the beach, social activities or wild encounters, you will find one place suitable for your needs.

Our well-trained travel consultants will facilitate the trip planning and give you free advices. Our tour quotation usually includes roundtrip transportation, hotel, car transfer, entrance fee and experienced guide, no hidden cost. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Mt. Huashan, Xian

3 days Xian holiday from Beijing, with one day tour to explore the unbelievably precipitous peaks of Mt. Huashan. Have a lifetime memory at the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, view the elegant Little Wild Goose Pagoda which is often compared to a lady, wander through the Muslim quarter and taste local snacks.

Panda, Chengdu

A perfect 3 days tour from Beijing to Chengdu by flight. Escape from your busy life and have a good rest in traditional Tea House and Wangjianglou Park; visit Giant Panda Breeding and Research Centre to see the lovely living fossil; explore old town and Kuanzhai Lane to enjoy the delicious food; take a cooking lesson and learn more about Sichuan cuisine in Sichuan Cuisine Museum.

Reed Flute Cave, Guilin

Take a 3-day travel to enjoy yourself in the stunning scenery of Guilin. Visit the Reed Flute Cave to view weird-shaped rock formations illuminated by colored lighting; appreciate the famous symbol of Guilin, Elephant Trunk Hill; take a cruising on Li River, viewing the fabulous natural beauty on each side; explore in the Fuli Town, climb Moon Hill and pray at the thousands year old Big Banyan Tree.

Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang

A wonderful choice for you to get close to Martial Art. Visit world-famous Longmen Grottoes and admire thousands of statues on each side of Yi River; visit the first Buddhist temple ever built in China, White Horse Temple; go to the birthplace of Shaolin Division of Martial Arts - Shaolin Temple and enjoy the martial arts performance in the temple. Roundtrip by soft sleeper train is arranged.

Wang’s Courtyard, Pingyao

Travel with Beijing Explorer to Pingyao and cultural sites around. Take train ride to Taiyuan first and spend the rest of the day exploring Pingyao. The next day we continue to Wang Family Compound – the complex of architecture is known as the folk Forbidden City, and the multi-functional Zhangbi Ancient Castle and the underground tunnels. On Day 3, short stay in Taiyuan before getting back to Beijing.

No. 1 Bathing Beach, Qingdao

Escape from the summer hot to a sunny beach in Qingdao on you weekends! Freely explore the city; travel to a violin-shaped island Xiaoqingdao Isle, relax yourselves in the sunshine at Zhanqiao Pier; visit the Eight Passes to appreciate the exotic architectures; visit Qingdao Beer Museum to find the secret of making beers; have a good rest on the beach of No. 1 Bathing Beach.

Yuyuan Garden, Suzhou

Enjoy a 3-day tour to feel a modern and traditional Shanghai! Visit Yuyuan Garden to admire the architectures in classical Chinese style; go to Jade Buddha Temple to feel the religious atmosphere; head to the symbol of Shanghai, Oriental Pearl TV Tower; witness the development of the city in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall; experience the real Shanghai life in Old Alleys and Tianzi Fang.

Nanjing Pedestrian Street, Shanghai

Experience a real eastern China in 3 days! Visit Shanghai Museum to wonder the ancient Chinese arts; stroll in Nanjing Pedestrian Street and Xiantiandi to experience a new Shanghai; sightseeing in Bund Area to view exotic architectures; visit the highlights of Chinese garden Humble Administrator’s Garden and Yuyuan Garden; take elevator to Jinmao Tower to have a bird’s eye view of the cosmopolitan Shanghai

South Putuo Temple, Xiamen

Travel to the seaside Xiamen by flight to enjoy your holidays. Visit South Putuo Temple to admire the famous statue of Thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy; take a ferry to Gulangyu, appreciate the highest point of the Island Sunlight Rock and visit the famous Shuzhuang Garden; explore the Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings to value the architectural marvel and experience the local life.

Baotu Spring Park, Shangdong

Take a 3-day trip to experience the highlight of Shandong Province. Take a visit to the Number One Spring under the Heaven Baotu Spring Park; visit Dai Temple at the southern foot of Mt. Tai; climb Taishan Mountain to worship the god of heaven and earth; experience a real Confucius in Confucius Temple, Confucius Mansion and Confucius Family Graveyard. Roundtrip is arranged by express train.

.Bifengxia Panda Breeding Centre, Chengdu

The best way to get close to pandas is doing volunteer job. Prepare food and clean houses for pandas in the breeding center of Bifengxia Panda Base. You can hold a panda and take photos with them after a donation to the base. Don’t miss Chengdu city either. Take a walk around and visit the Zen Buddhist Wenshu Temple. Arrive in Beijing in the third evening.

mulan-weichang, Chengde

Take a 3-day tour to escape the busy life of Beijing on the peaceful grassland! Wander around Mulan Weichang Grassland to escape the summer hot in the cities; visit the largest royal garden Chengde Mountain Resort to admire imperial garden and architecture complex; go to the replica of Tibet’s Potala Palace, the Little Potala Palace. Roundtrip is arranged by train on first class seat.

the St. Sophia Orthodox Church, Harbin

Take a 3-day tour to Harbin to explore a snow and ice world in northeast China. Visit Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area and the International Snow sculpture Art Expo; walk on the Central Street to appreciate the European architecture, especially the St. Sophia Orthodox Church; watch winter swimming of local people in Songhua River; take a stroll at night in Zhaolin Park for the Ice Lantern Gala.

the St. Sophia Orthodox Church, Harbin

Fly to Harbin and Yabuli to enjoy a snow and ice paradise! Walk in Snow Sculpture Expo and the Ice to experience the magic of winter; explore the Snow World admiring the sculptures illuminated with multicolored electric lights at night; enjoy the fun of skiing in the world-class Yabuli Ski Resort; stroll on Central Street enjoying western and oriental architectures, especially the famous St. Sophia Orthodox Cathedral.

Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang

Fully experience the charm of central China on your weekend. Explore Shaolin Temple to view 22 different-style pagodas and view the performance of Martial Art; admire numerous statues and caves in Longmen Grottoes; date back the history of China in Luoyang Museum; visit White Horse Temple to see the ancient architectures and Buddhist sutras from India.

Zhan Qiao Pier, Qingdao

Have a good 3-day rest in the picturesque Qingdao! Visit the symbol of Qingdao Zhan Qiao Pier; walk around Badaguan to enjoy the tranquility and exotic architectures; enjoy the bright sunshine on No.1 Bathing Beach; have a visit to Tsingtao Brewery, finding out the secret of Tsingtao Beer; climb the birth places of Chinese Taoism, Mount Lao and visit the first Taoism Temple. Roundtrip is arranged by flight.

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