4 and More Days Beijing Extensions

Beijing Explorer is absolutely a good choice, if you would like to immerse in different city, culture and atmosphere in your holidays. We offer you a series of trips from Beijing to various famous cities either near or far away from Beijing. In these trips, you could appreciate exotic featured architectures, admire the amazing natural beauties and acquire less-known knowledge and custom.

We carefully design trips from Beijing to Datong, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Lijiang, Guiyang, Hohhot, Lhasa, Xiamen, Yangtze and more. No matter which trip you choose, you could enjoy the high quality service by our experienced local staff, such as pick-up service, private car or coach transfer to airport or railway station, train or air tickets booking, on arrival greeting and meeting in the visited city, tour and sighting, and transfer to railway station or airport for transportation back to Beijing. When you come back to Beijing, you can also enjoy the transfer service from airport to your hotel.

Datong, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Lijiang, Guiyang, Hohhot, Lhasa, Xiamen and Yangtze are all options for you to have a four or more-day trip from Beijing.

As an inland city with long time history, Datong is famous for the Chinese Buddhist cave art Yungang Grottoes and one of the most famous five mountains in China Mt. Heng. Xian is the capital of thirteen dynasties and the historical relics. Terra Cotta Warriors, Big and Little Wild Goose Pagoda and Ancient City Wall are well-known at home and abroad. Chengdu is an ideal place for gourmet and the beautiful sceneries there also attract numerous visitors. Besides, the panda breeding center is definitely an essential. Guilin and Lijiang are wonderful choices for nature lovers; visitors could appreciate the fabulous sceneries, Li River and Tiger Leaping Gorges, and colorful ethic minorities’ culture and custom like Naxi. Lying in the south west of China, Guiyang is the home of Miao people. In there, you could appreciate the colorful skirts, long or short, of them and appreciate the singing and dancing performance. As a province spanning lots of longitude, travelers could enjoy both the green grassland and wide deserted land at the same trip in Hohhot. Lhasa is famous for the Tibetan architectures, religion and culture and amazing plateau sceneries. It is the terrific destination who would like to experience a real Tibet and admire the iconic buildings like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor. Cruising down the Yangtze River is one of the best ways for visitors to enjoy a panoramic view of the southern China. On the high class boat, you could enjoy the picturesque views, historic relics and man-made projects along the mother river of Chinese people. Xiamen is the best choice for summer escape; travelers would have a relaxing walk on the Gulangyu Island, enjoy the bright sunshine, cool sea winds and delicious snacks.

Seize the chance to appreciate all aspects of China in different, travel with Beijing Explorer to have a perfect China city break from Beijing.


Have a good rest in the beautiful nature in southwest of China! Walk to the top of Dragon Backbone Rice Terraces and explore the Ping’an Village of Zhuang ethnic people to experience the culture of ethnic groups; cruise along the Li River, enjoying the breath-taking idyllic landscape; visit the Reed Flute Cave and Fubo Hill, wondering the amazing karst sceneries. Roundtrip by flight is arranged.


Visit the highlights of Xian in 4 days. As an ancient city, Xian is known for its ancient architecture, temples, pagodas and mausoleums. With this tour, we drive to the west of Xian to Famen Temple housing the remains of the finger bone of Sakyamuni, and Qianling Mausolem where the only empress of China was buried.

Mt Emei, Sichuan

An excellent choice for you to enjoy yourself in southwest China. Walk around Du Fu Thatched Cottage to learn more about one of the most famous Chinese poet Du Fu; visit the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world – the Giant Buddha in Leshan; explore the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains – Mt Emei and enjoy the fabulous scenic beauty; get close to the living fossil giant pandas in Chengdu Panda Base.

Yangtze River Cruise

Start and end the tour in Beijing. Fully appreciate the significant natural and man-made creations along the Yangtze River! Cruise down China’s longest river Yangtze River on a 5-star level vessel; pass through the famous Qutang Gorge and Wu Gorge to admire the weird peaks, rising mists and beautiful sights; take a visit to the Three Gorges Dam to wonder the magnificent project.


Take a 4-day trip by train to enjoy the natural beauty and religious culture in central China. Walk through the Yungang Grottoes to admire hundreds of caves, grottoes and statues; visit Hanging Temple to find out Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism features in just one temple; explore the Mt Hengshan in depth and contemplate the Bodhisattva of wisdom; climb the Mt Wutaishan to visit numerous temples.


Take a 4-day tour to Lhasa by flight to experience a real Tibet on your own. Admire numerous halls and chapels in Potala Palace; view the statues of Sakyamuni Buddha in the spiritual centre of Lhasa, Johkang Temple; experience the local life on the Barkhor market; visit the Summer Palace for Dalai Lamas, Norbu Linka; visit Sera Monastery to see the Monk Debates on the teachings of Buddha and principles.


Have a different lifestyle on your 4-day trip. Visit Ge Village to appreciate the military clothes and batik-making handicraft art; explore the secret of making paper from black barks in Shiqiao Miao Village; relax in Jidao village and experience the typical ethnic life; see the making of characteristic musical instrument, Lusheng, in Paika Village; experience the distinctive customs and culture in Datang Miao Village.


4 days Chengdu tour from Beijing. See the pandas at Bifengxia Panda Base or Wolong Panda Center (to be opened at the end of 2012). The panda volunteer program offers chances to work for pandas. Our experienced tour consultant can tailor make an itinerary with volunteer job included. A day trip to the Giant Buddha in Leshan is made before a brief tour to see the places of interest in urban Chengdu.


Take 6 hours’ train ride from Beijing to Datong in the north of Shanxi Province. Two full days tour in Datong to immerse yourself in the rich culture of this city. Yungang Grottoes show us the great achievement of Chinese Buddhist cave art. Explore Huayan Temple, once the ancestral temple of the imperial family in Liao Dynasty. Drive to the suburbs to visit the Hanging Temple and Yingxian Wooden Pagoda.


A 4-day escape from the hustle and bustle of big city to Lijiang by flight. Wander around Lijiang Old Town and nestle in a couch to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air; wonder the miraculous sight at the First Bend of the Yangtze River; trek one of world’s deepest canyon – Tiger Leaping Gorge; explore the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to appreciate meadows and glaciers.


An unforgettable trip in your life to explore the heaven on earth- Lijiang and Shangri-la! Stroll in the Lijiang Old Town to experience the real life of Naxi; visit the Baisha Naxi village, enjoying the famous “three-course” tea; explore the Tiger Leaping Gorge and Pudacuo National Park to view the striking sceneries; visit Songzanlin Monastery to admire the exquisite sculptures and perfect frescos.


Explore Chengdu – the center of fertile Chengdu plain and hike the scenic Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong National Park. The Panda Breeding Center is sure not to be missed. The Sui Dynasty Wenshu Monastery is one of the major Zen Buddhism Temples. A traditional Sichuan opera is arranged to learn about the art of Changing Faces. Beijing-Chengdu roundtrip flights and Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou flights are included.


Travel with us to see the all-around Guangxi Province. Fly from Beijing to Guilin and have a brief city tour. One day sightseeing in Longsheng before heading to Sanjiang to explore the Dong ethnic group villages. Get to Yangshuo from Guilin by Li River Cruise. After some leisure time, watch the Impression of Sanjie Liu directed by Zhang Yimou, the reputed Chinese film director. Fly back to Beijing the next day.


A hiking tour to the hinterland of fascinating Guilin area with much unique experience. Half-day walking amid the Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces to local ethnic villages; take a Li River Cruise, one of the World’s Top Ten Watery Wonders recommended by National Geographic magazine; step into the idyllic landscape along Yangshuo Yulong River to experience real China countryside.


Take a 5-day incredible trip to have a new life in Lhasa! Admire exquisite statues, shrines, chapels, and murals in Potala Palace; visit the spiritual center Jokhang Temple; stroll on Barkhor Street to experience the real local life; cover the history and civilization of the mysterious land in Tibet Museum; immerse yourself in the unique religion in Sera Monastery and Norbulingka.


An unforgettable 5-day experience for you to have a full view of the southeastern China. Take a visit to the South Putuo Temple to pray for a good luck; stroll on the Gulangyu Island to enjoy the bright sunshine, breeze and relaxing time; climb Mt. Wuyi to appreciate the natural beauties and cultural relics; head for Xiamei Ancient Village. Transfers and English-speaking guide are arranged for you.

Yangtze River Cruise

Take a 5-day cruise down the Yangtze River to fully appreciate the beauty. Have a good view of the famous Three Gorges, Xiling Gorge, Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge, to wonder the valleys, cliffs and cultural relics; stroll on the significant Three Gorges Dam, seeing the man-made wonder in China; take a visit to Shibao Pagoda to view the pagoda built on the rock.


Deeply soak in the Tibetan features and find the real religious atmosphere on your trip. Visit the landmark of Tibet Potala Palace; walk in the Dalai Lama’s summer palace, Norbulingka; visit Barkhor Square to absorb the local culture; enjoy the plateau scenery by the Yamdrok Lake; have a visit to the Tashihunpo Monastery to see the six big monasteries of Gelugpa.


Feel a real Lijiang on your feet step by step! Visit the unique Lijiang Ancient Town and enjoy the singing and dancing by the bonfire; stroll in Shuhe Old Town to imagine the past liveliness of Tea-Horse Trading Caravan; explore and appreciate the natural beauty in Black Dragon Pool; trek with a stop at Naxi Family Guesthouse for lunch; trek in the amazing sceneries and experience local with Naxi family.

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