Beijing Chengde Tour

Extend your Beijing tour to ancient summer resort in Chengde. Beijing Explorer provides Chengde land service for those who want to experience the leisure and hunting life of Qing emperors outside of Beijing.

Chengde, formerly named Rehe which means Hot River in Chinese, is a prefecture-level city of Hebei Province, China. Chengde is best known for the Mountain Resort which is a huge imperial garden and palace complex built in Qing Dynasty and had been used by the Qing emperors as summer retreat. Chengde city covers an area of 39,375 square kilometers and has a population of 550,000 in the city proper according to the official censuses of 2011.

In the year of 1703, Qing Emperior Kangxi decided to build a summer resort in present site of Chengde. It took 89 years to finish the whole construction making it the largest existing imperial garden and temple complex in China. In 1994, Mountain Resort and its surrounding temples were listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The main tourist attractions in Chengde include the Mountain Resort, Eight Outer Temples and Sledgehammer Peak. The whole complex of Mountain Resort is divided into three sections, lakes section, plains section and hills section. Hundreds of palaces and temples were built on the hills along with 8 lakes and a big area for emperor’s horse racing and hunting. Eight Outer Temples refer to the magnificent temples built outside the wall of Mountain Resort. Each of them has significant architectural style drawn from throughout China. One of the most famous one is Putuo Zongcheng Temple which resembles to Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. Sledgehammer Peak is a large rock in the shape of a sledgehammer. It is a familiar landmark in the city of Chengde.

The distance between Beijing and Chengde is 260 kilometers. Newly built Jingcheng Expressway links the two cities and makes it easy to commune by car. There is a fast train in everyday morning running from Beijing to Chengde and it takes about 4 hours in single way. Beijing Explorer provides train tickets booking along with tour arrangements for you.

Mountain Resort, Chengde

A wonderful trip for you to leave the hustle and bustle of big city and immerse in the spectacular history and beauty in Chengde. Head for Summer Resort (Mountain Resort) to admire the splendid royal palace complex with elegant gardens and tranquil lakes; visit the largest Tibetan Buddhist Temple in North China Universal Peace Temple (Big Buddha Temple). Roundtrip is arranged by private car.

Universal Peace Temple, Chengde

Enjoy an incredible weekend in Chengde! Take a visit in Chengde Summer Resort to admire the royal palaces and gardens; view the largest Tibetan Buddhist Temple in North China, Universal Peace Temple; explore the largest one among all eight outer temples the Little Potala Palace. Roundtrip by train is arranged for you to appreciate the sceneries out of the window.

Little Potala Palace, Chengde

A perfect weekend tour from Beijing to Jinshanling and Chengde on air-conditioned car. Explore the Jinshanling Great Wall without restoration; visit Chengde Mountain Resort – the culmination of Chinese gardens and palaces; bathe your soul in the representatives of the Eight Outer Temples – Universal Peace Temple; relax yourself in well preserved Little Potala Palace.

Mulan Weichang, Chengde

Take a 3-day tour to escape the busy life of Beijing on the peaceful grassland! Wander around Mulan Weichang Grassland to escape the summer hot in the cities; visit the largest royal garden Chengde Mountain Resort to admire imperial garden and architecture complex; go to the replica of Tibet’s Potala Palace, the Little Potala Palace. Roundtrip is arranged by train on first class seat.

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