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Beijing Extension specializes in short China city tours departing from Beijing. Clients are served with personal service to see the variety of China. Whether you are an expat looking for a weekend or 3 days away from Beijing, or a first-time traveler with limited time, Beijing Extension has the tours for you.

Tourists are met up at midtown hotel in Beijing and transferred to the airport or railway station for the transportation to holiday destination. Our knowledgeable local tour guide will greet you at the exit with a name board. For each tour with accommodation, three comfortable hotels are carefully picked to meet different budgets. Enjoy a wonderful tour in the city and see off to get back to Beijing.

Major China travel destinations are covered to cater to your taste and interest. A one or two-day trip can be arranged to the nearby cities like Tianjin and Chengde. An overnight train takes you to Xian – the home to Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the inspiring town Pingyao, the past capital Luoyang, the grassland near Hohhot, and the majestic Mt. Taishan. For sightseeing in the countryside, the picturesque Guilin and ethnic Lijiang are highly recommended. To enjoy some time of leisure, neither the beach in Qingdao, Xiamen or Sanya nor a cruise on the Yangtze River will disappoint you. If you are interested in places off-the-beaten track, the relatively unexplored Guizhou Province is an ideal choice.

Beijing Explorer endeavors to provide exceptional travel service to each client and make your China stay a lifetime memory. Please keep in mind that we can customize a tour to meet your special needs. Just send us your fancied itinerary and further requirements. Our travel consultants will offer an amended itinerary with quotation within one working day. Or just let us know the places you’d like to visit and how long time you have, we can tailor make an itinerary accordingly.

  • Shanghai

    Beijing Shanghai Tour

    Shanghai is known for its opulent buildings of 19th -20th centuries as well as historical and modern landmarks.

  • Xian

    Beijing Xian tour

    Hop on a train and head to Xian. This amazing ancient city takes you back to the civilization 2500 years ago.

  • Chengdu

    Beijing Chengdu tour

    Reputed for the panda breeding center in Wolong, Bifengxia and Chengdu city. Do volunteer job for pandas.

  • Guilin

    Beijing Guilin tour

    Get tired of Beijing’s hustle and bustle? Want a sip of fresh air in the countryside? Explore captivating Guilin.

  • Lhasa

    Beijing Lhasa tour

    Discover the mystery and enchantment of Tibetan culture in holy Lhasa and around. Walk pilgrims’ path.

  • Pingyao

    Beijing Pingyao tour

    Beijing trip to Pingyao, one of China’s best-preserved ancient towns. Express train might be the easiest transportation.

  • Xiamen

    Beijing Xiamen tour

    The pretty coastal city Xiamen boasts peaceful gulf, leisurely life, exotic Hakka culture, and delicate cuisine.

  • Harbin

    Beijing Harbin tour

    Get exciting experience in the snow and ice world of Harbin! This freezing city makes perfect family vacation destination.

  • Qingdao

    Beijing Qingdao tour

    The beautiful seaside city Qingdao never fails to inspire spirit. A visit to the Tsingdao Brewery is a must.

  • Luoyang

    Beijing Luoyang tour

    Savor an entrancing tour of Longmen Caves and Shaolin Temple. One of the earliest civilizations was born around.

  • Hohhot

    Beijing Hohhot tour

    Perfect nature exploration in the grasslands and deserts around Hohhot. Discover Mongolian culture and life.

  • Lijiang

    Beijing Lijiang tour

    A town sure to ensnare you with its unbelievably enthralling landscape and authentic ethnic group culture.

  • Chengde

    Beijing Chengde tour

    Take a short trip to Chengde, experience the leisure and hunting life of Qing royal family outside of Beijing.

  • Datong

    Beijing Datong tour

    Explore the immensely charming city Datong. Served as capital of Northern Wei, the city has a prosperous history.

  • Taishan

    Beijing Taishan tour

    The sacred Taishan was frequented by emperors for enthronement and making sacrifices in feudal society.

  • Tianjin

    Beijing Tianjin tour

    A city half an hour’s train rides from Beijing. One of the four municipal cities under direct rule of central government.

  • Guiyang

    Guiyang tour

    Visit local ethnic villages in and around Guiyang and experience the laid-backness of remote minority village life.

  • Yangtze River Cruise

    Yangtze River Cruise

    Unforgettable tour of cruising on mighty Yangtze River, the longest in Asia and the third longest in the world.

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