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Beijing Explorer offers Datong tour packages with best travel service and reasonable price. Our diversified Datong tours include Datong city tour, Yungang Grottoes tour, Hanging Monastery tour and Wutaishan tour. Remember, we can always customize a tour for you. Just feel free to send us your requirements.

Lying in the north of Shanxi Province, Datong is the second largest city in the province and famed for its rich coal resources. Datong has a prosperous history and served as the capital of Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534). Abundant cultural relics are found in the city and around.

Datong is deemed an ancient land of Buddhism. The crown jewel of this city’s Buddhist art is the Yungang Grottoes, a treasure-house of cave art with 1,000 niches and over 50,000 statues. Datong is dotted with magnificent temples, like Huayan Temple and Shanhua Temple. The Nine Dragon Screen is the largest glazed screen in the country.

An hour’s drive takes you to the peculiar Hanging Temple which was built on a cliff-face 70 meters high above the ground. Not far away is the entrance to Mt. Hengshan, a sacred Taoist mountain integrating superb temples into grand natural beauty. Go on driving, we can get to the impressive Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County. Towering 67 meters high, it’s the tallest extant wooden pagoda in China.

If your holiday is long enough, don’t miss Wutaishan and Pingyao. Mt. Wutai is one of the holiest Buddhist Mountains. It’s believed that all prays will be answered here. Pingyao is one of China’s best preserved ancient towns.

How to get to Datong from Beijing: Datong is around 400 km from Beijing. One-hour-long flights operate every day between Beijing and Datong. By car, it takes 5 to 6 hours depending on the traffic. Regular trains running between the two cities take 6 to 7.5 hours.

Hanging Temple, Datong

Enjoy a wonderful 2-day trip to Datong by private air-conditioned vehicle. Visit Yungang Grottoes - one of the three famed Buddhist sculptural sites and appreciate thousands of statues of various sizes and shapes; take an adventure in Hanging Monastery on a sheer precipice; view the tallest ancient wooden-structured wonder in China – Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County.

Wooden Pagoda, Datong

Take 6 hours’ train ride from Beijing to Datong in the north of Shanxi Province. Two full days tour in Datong to immerse yourself in the rich culture of this city. Yungang Grottoes show us the great achievement of Chinese Buddhist cave art. Explore Huayan Temple, once the ancestral temple of the imperial family in Liao Dynasty. Drive to the suburbs to visit the Hanging Temple and Yingxian Wooden Pagoda.

Hanging Temple, Datong

Take a 4-day trip by train to enjoy the natural beauty and religious culture in central China. Walk through the Yungang Grottoes to admire hundreds of caves, grottoes and statues; visit Hanging Temple to find out Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism features in just one temple; explore the Mt Hengshan in depth and contemplate the Bodhisattva of wisdom; climb the Mt Wutaishan to visit numerous temples.

Valerie Penny

Two of us would like to visit Datong for your two day visit in April, returning to Beijing on April 24th. What would be the most convenient time wise...... Travel by car or fly? I would be grateful if you could give us some times for both options.

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Dear Valerie,
Thanks for your enquiry. There are daily flights from Beijing to Datong. Flight time is one hour and fifteen minutes. We have sent suggested itineraries to your mail box. Please always be free to contact us for any questions or any assistance. Our phone numbers are 010-64096031 or 13521995912. Email address is:
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