Beijing Guilin Tour

Our all-inclusive Beijing-Guilin tour packages offer travel service for 2 or more days Guilin tour, Guilin-Yangshuo tour, and longer tours to Longsheng Longji Terraces and Sanjiang. Our experienced Guilin local tour guide will make your holiday a life-time memory.

Guilin is an appealing tourist destination in South China’s Guangxi Province, around 3 hours’ flight from Beijing, or 23 to 28 hours train ride. It’s widely-known for its rustic scenery and picturesque Li River. A 4-5 hours Li River cruise is the highlight of Guilin tour. The River is lined with sheer sided karst peaks shrouded in mist, green fields where water buffalos patrolling leisurely, and phoenix bamboos swaying in the mild wind.

Many scenic places are within short distance of Guilin, such as Yangshuo and Longsheng. Visitors can go further to Sanjiang, the main home to Dong people with exotic folk culture.

Situated on one side of Li River, Yangshuo is the destination of the Li River Cruise. Incredible karst scenery and laid back life make it popular among tourists. Activities include a bicycle tour to explore its countryside, a bamboo draft drifting along the Yulong River, outdoor performance on the Li River – Impression of Sanjie Liu, hiking among the breath-taking landscape and watching cormorant fishing.

Longsheng is famous for large areas of rice terraces on the hillsides. Charming villages inhabited by the Yao and Zhuang people scatter on the mountains, making it a good chance to experience local rural life and acquaint yourself with the ethnic culture.

Guilin is over 2,000 kilometers from Beijing. Though it’s a popular tourist destination, flights in and out are much less than those of business cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou. So early booking is advised to guarantee the best time flight. A journey by air between Beijing and Guilin takes around 3 hours while by rail it takes at least 23 hours.

Li River, Guilin

Enjoy the miraculous scenic beauty of Guilin on a two-day flight tour. View stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations in Reed Flute Cave; appreciate hills, caves and forests in Seven Star Park; find out the secret of cormorant birds - fantastic fishing skills; go downstream Li River to enjoy the grand hills, verdant fields and farms; have a leisure time in Yangshuo’s West Street.

Moon Hill, Guilin

Take a 3-day travel to enjoy yourself in the stunning scenery of Guilin. Visit the Reed Flute Cave to view weird-shaped rock formations illuminated by colored lighting; appreciate the famous symbol of Guilin, Elephant Trunk Hill; take a cruising on Li River, viewing the fabulous natural beauty on each side; explore in the Fuli Town, climb Moon Hill and pray at the thousands year old Big Banyan Tree.

Ping’an Village, Guilin

Have a good rest in the beautiful nature in southwest of China! Walk to the top of Dragon Backbone Rice Terraces and explore the Ping’an Village of Zhuang ethnic people to experience the culture of ethnic groups; cruise along the Li River, enjoying the breath-taking idyllic landscape; visit the Reed Flute Cave and Fubo Hill, wondering the amazing karst sceneries. Roundtrip by flight is arranged.

Sanjiang, Guilin

Travel with us to see the all-around Guangxi Province. Fly from Beijing to Guilin and have a brief city tour. One day sightseeing in Longsheng before heading to Sanjiang to explore the Dong ethnic group villages. Get to Yangshuo from Guilin by Li River Cruise. After some leisure time, watch the Impression of Sanjie Liu directed by Zhang Yimou, the reputed Chinese film director. Fly back to Beijing the next day.

Longsheng, Guilin

A hiking tour to the hinterland of fascinating Guilin area with much unique experience. Half-day walking amid the Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces to local ethnic villages; take a Li River Cruise, one of the World’s Top Ten Watery Wonders recommended by National Geographic magazine; step into the idyllic landscape along Yangshuo Yulong River to experience real China countryside.

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