Beijing Guiyang Tour

Extend your Beijing tour to Guiyang—the capital city of Guizhou province. Beijing Explorer provides Guiyang land service for those who want to experience an idyllic minority village life in southwest China.

Guiyang was firstly constructed during Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century. It was named Shunyuan, meaning obeying to the Yuan of Mongol Empire. Ming and Qing Dynasties saw large Chinese settlement in the area and then it became the superior prefecture of Guiyang. Guiyang is located on the east of Yunnan- Guiyang Plateau and is situated on the north bank of Nanming River, a branch of Wu River, which eventually flows into Yangtze River in Sichuan Province. Guiyang has Karst Mountains surround the city and has a four-season, humid subtropical climate. It has mild winters and cool summers. So Guiyang is also named as the Forest City and the Summer Capital of China. Kaili, 190km away from Guiyang, is the centre city of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture where is famous for its Miao and Dong cultures and hosts more than 120 traditional festivals each year. Beijing Explorers provides you the chances to visit local ethnic villages and to experience county life there.

The main tourist attractions in Guiyang include Jiaxiu Pavilion, a symbolic building of Guiyang, Qianling Park, the most famous local park, Hongfu Temple and Provincial Museum.

The distance between Beijing and Guiyang is 2550 kilometers. Direct trains run between Beijing and Guiyang 3 times daily and it takes about 28 hours. There are over 10 flights linking two cities everyday and flying length is three hours. Beijing Explorer provides train/flight tickets booking along with tour arrangements for you.

Qianling Park,Guiyang

Have a distinctive and attractive weekend on southwest China! Explore the famous mountain Qianling Mountain in Qianling Park; feel the mysterious atmosphere in Hongfu Temple; find out the history and culture of the city in Guizhou Provincial Museum; enjoy the most famous and picturesque Huangguoshu Waterfall; stroll and relax in the Tianlong Fortress. Round trip by flight is arranged.

Jidao Long-skirt Miao Village, Guiyang

Enjoy the culture and history of ethnic minority in Guiyang. Enjoy a warm welcome in Jidao Long-skirt Miao Village; appreciate the unique and colorful clothes in Qingman Short-skirt Miao Village to feel the exotic ethnic life; see the traditional way of making paper from the bark of mulberry tree in Shiqiao Miao Village; admire the pavilion on a rock in river, Jiaxiu Pavilion.

Shiqiao Miao Village, Guiyang

Have a different lifestyle on your 4-day trip. Visit Ge Village to appreciate the military clothes and batik-making handicraft art; explore the secret of making paper from black barks in Shiqiao Miao Village; relax in Jidao village and experience the typical ethnic life; see the making of characteristic musical instrument, Lusheng, of the Miao in Paika Village; experience the distinctive customs and culture in Datang Miao Village.

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