Beijing Harbin Tour

Extend your Beijing tour to Harbin, the ice city. Beijing Explorer provides Harbin land service for those who wish to experience the aroma of Music City in summer time and beautiful ice sculptures in winter.

Harbin is the capital city of Heilongjiang province, China. Originated from a small village, its modern city history dates back to 1898 when Chinese Eastern Railway was constructed. Chinese Eastern Railway is funded by Russian Empire and it is an extension of Trans-Siberian Railway. Harbin is best known for its Snow and Ice Festival which is held annually from 1985. Together with Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival, Canada’s Quebec City Winter Carnival and Norway’s Ski Festival, Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival was named as one of the four largest ice and snow festivals in the world. The main sites to visit the snow sculptures are in Sun Island and in Ice and Snow World. The huge ice blocks being used in the festival came from Songhua River which runs through the whole city.

As the first city access to European classic music, Harbin has fairly long tradition of music education. It is not strange that Harbin owns the first Symphony Orchestra and first music school in China.

The main tourist attractions in Harbin include Central Avenue, Saint Sophia Orthodox Church, Ice and Snow World, Siberian Tiger Park and Songhua River.

The distance between Beijing and Harbin is 1250 kilometers. There are frequent flights connecting two cities. There are 3 direct trains between Beijing and Harbin daily and it takes about 9 hours in single way. Slower overnight trains are also available. Beijing Explorer provides train tickets booking along with tour arrangements for you.

St. Sophia Orthodox Church, Harbin

Take a 3-day tour to Harbin to explore a snow and ice world in northeast China. Visit Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area and the International Snow sculpture Art Expo; walk on the Central Street to appreciate the European architecture, especially the St. Sophia Orthodox Church; watch winter swimming of local people in Songhua River; take a stroll at night in Zhaolin Park for the Ice Lantern Gala.

snow and ice world, Harbin

Fly to Harbin and Yabuli to enjoy a snow and ice paradise! Walk in Snow Sculpture Expo and the Ice to experience the magic of winter; explore the Snow World admiring the sculptures illuminated with multicolored electric lights at night; enjoy the fun of skiing in the world-class Yabuli Ski Resort; stroll on Central Street enjoying western and oriental architectures, especially the famous St. Sophia Orthodox Cathedral.


Hi, I'm planning to go to Harbin between the 25-28th of December. Will the Ice Lantern Festival and sculptures be open already?


Hi Dana,
Thanks for your enquiry to Harbin Ice and Snow Festival tour. The official opening ceremony of the Festival falls on Jan 5th each year. But normally the preparation jobs and sculptures are ready by December 25th. So your days are fine to see most of the sites and there are less touristy. Please refer to my email sent to you earlier today for more details and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Again thanks and best regards, Nikki Wang/Beijing-Explorer Team

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