Beijing Hiking Tour

Of Beijing’s total area 16,410 square kilometers, two third are rugged mountains. Of all remaining Great Walls, more than 600 kilometres are in Beijing area. Except for six urban districts namely Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian, Chaoyang, Fengtai and Shijingshan, Beijing has other ten suburban districts which feature tranquil country scenes and idyllic village life. All these enable us to list Beijing an ideal destination for hiking tours.

We, at, carefully picked some Beijing hiking routes and would like to urge an eco-friendly way of travel which benefits both outsiders and locals.

Among the trips, we have included day trips hiking in Fragrant Hills and nearby Badachu Park or together with Beijing Botanical Garden which has long been Beijingers’ favourite hiking spot in weekends.

We also would like to present you with hiking programmes in fairly less-crowded Baihuashan, Fenghuangling and Lingshan. A village of 24 households and 66 residents, Xiangtun, is also in our itinerary. Being acclaimed as the most beautiful Beijing village, it is very popular among our clients.

Wild Great Wall has long been the hot choice for hikers, so we have prepared hiking tours to different sections of Great Wall, from traditional Mutianyu, Badaling, Juyongguan sections to remote Gubeikou, Jinshanling and Simatai and unrestored Jiankou, Huanghuacheng and Huangyaguan.

Have a deep breath of fresh air and slow your footsteps in the mountains. You will immerse yourself a complete relaxation in these hassle-free hiking trips with Beijing-explorer.

Fragrant Hills Park

A wonderful choice for you to get close to the natural beauty in Beijing! Fully enjoy the shining golden leaves falling in Fragrant Hill, the best autumn in Beijing; visit Beijing Botanic Garden to admire the amazing flowers and plants. Private transfer and English speaking guide are arranged.

Ma Zhiyuan House

A totally unique and distinctive walking experience for you! Walk in Jiuyuan Village to have a view of the house of celebrated Yuan Dynasty playwright and poet Ma Zhiyuan; hike to Niujiaoling Pass where we can see amazing footprints of old-time caravans on the stone roads.

Fragrant Hill Park

Hike in the tranquil and splendid natural beauties in Beijing! Mount Incense Burner Peak to appreciate the green in summer or the red maples in autumn; have a visit in the Badachu Park to admire the amazing religious architectures. Air-conditioned vehicle, guide and lunch are carefully arranged.


Relax youself in Fenghuangling Scenic Spot, a well-conserved natural park blending natural scenery and cultural relics! Hike on the north route to find some fantastic historic relics; choose south route to appreciate the natural beauties, streams, grass, flowers and forests. Private transfers and guide are arranged.


Hike on the Baihuashan to get a close to the natural beauties! Hike on the mountain to enjoy the various kinds of flowers and forests; have a view on the alpine meadow at the top of the mountain; enjoy a fantastic picnic on the ideal site. Private transfers and English speaking guide are arranged.


Experience the most typical countryside life in your hiking experience! Fresh up in the fresh air in Quantougou Valley; hike in the picturesque valley and have some countryside activities; experience the most authentic countryside experience including hiking on a part of 600-year-old Great Wall.

Tianmo Desert

Catch a view of the nearest desert in Beijing! Enjoy the colorful outdoor activities such as sand skiing, horse racing and riding camels; have a walk in the desert where many famous films have been played; fully admire the great creation of the nature. Private transfer and English speaking guide are arranged.


Have an unforgettable hiking experience on the highest mountain in Beijing! Climb up the magnificent mountain peak to appreciate sceneries along the road; have a glimpse of the adorable animals in the forests like foxes, squirrels and even bears. Guide, vehicle and lunch are carefully arranged for you.

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