Beijing Hohhot Tour

Extend your Beijing tour to Hohhot—the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Beijing Explorer provides Hohhot land service for those who want to experience a nomadic life in legendary Mongolian grasslands.

Hohhot was firstly constructed in the 16th century by Mongolian ruler Altan Khan. More temples and fortresses were built by Khan and his successors in the later years making it significant place in culture, religion and politics. Hohhot literally means Blue City in Mongolian language while in their culture, the colour blue is always associated with the sky, purity and eternity.

Hohhot is not only famous for its cultural and historical sites in and out the city but also well known for two dairy giants in China, namely Mengniu and Yili, thus Hohhot is also named as Dairy Capital of China. The main tourist attractions in Hohhot include Tomb of Wang Zhaojun, which is located 9km away from downtown and is the resting place of Wang Zhaojun a young lady from Han Empire court who marries a Xiongnu King, Chanyu. Dazhao Temple and the Temple of Five Pogodas are not to be missed. Inner Mongolia Museum provides you good chances to see dinosaur fossils and historical exhibits of nomadic people there.

The frequently visited tourist sites nearby include Xilamuren Grassland which is located 90km away from Hohhot city and famous for its picturesque landscape and visitors stay overnight in traditional Mongolian yurts there. The other one is Resonant Sand Bay in Kubuqi Desert, which is the 7th largest desert in China and you will enjoy sand sliding, camel riding and all other desert activities.

The distance between Beijing and Hohhot is 850 kilometers. There are 7 direct trains run between Beijing and Hohhot daily and it takes about 8-10 hours. Around 14 flights link two cities everyday and flying length is one hour and ten minutes. Beijing Explorer provides train/flight tickets booking along with tour arrangements for you.

Xilamuren Grassland, Hohhot

Escape from the normal life and fully soak in the exotic northwest features! Adventure in the beautiful Xilamuren Grassland and riding on the greengrass; enjoy the Mongolian dancing and singing performances to feel local life; visit the old city to see Dazhao Temple; view the Buddhist temple Five Pagoda Temple. Round trip by soft-sleeper is arranged.

Kubuqi, Hohhot

A 4-day tour to deeply explore the grasslands and deserts in Hohhot. Enjoy the local specialty finger-mutton and experience Mongolian toast ceremony; watch the Three Arts of Mongolian men, horse racing, wrestling and archery; appreciate the Mongolian songs and dances performance at the bonfire party; explore the Resonant Sand Bay of Kubuqi desert, the 7th largest desert in China.

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