Beijing Luoyang Tour

Beijing-Luoyang tour with best Luoyang tour operator. Beijing Explorer provides 2 to 4 days high-quality Beijing Luoyang travel service and Shaolin Temple tour. Please keep in mind that we can always customize a tour for you. Just feel free to send us your requirements.

Lying in China’s central Henan Province, Luoyang is one of the Four Ancient Capitals in China. Nine dynasties had settled their capital here in Chinese history. For several centuries, Luoyang was called “The Eastern Capital” comparing to Xi’an (The Western Capital). The Yellow River, China’s mother river, flows through this area, that’s why Luoyang is the birthplace of the earliest Chinese civilization.

The centerpiece of a Luoyang tour is the Shaolin Temple, a UNESCO world heritage site enjoying a world-wide fame. It’s an ideal place to experience Chinese Buddhism and martial arts. Other popular places to see include the one–kilometer-long treasure trove Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple where a large number of precious Buddhist items are housed, Luoyang Museum with exhibits of historical and cultural relics of this district, and Guanlin Temple dedicated to Guan Yu - a highly respected general during the Three Kingdoms Period. Taking a stroll in the old town is a good way to better understanding the local culture. If it’s April and early May when you are visiting Luoyang, flower enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the annual Peony Fair.

Luoyang is roughly 850 kilometers from Beijing. Flight is available between the two cities with duration of 100 minutes. According to the present train schedule (May, 2012), a bullet train runs from Beijing in the morning and arrives at Luoyang at 5 pm. The return train leaves Luoyang at 15:01 and gets to Beijing at 21:42. More usually, Beijing Explorer arranges for clients soft sleepers on an overnight train which takes around 10 hours. A journey by road takes at least 9 hours.

Shaolin Temple, Luoyang

A wonderful choice for you to get close to Martial Art. Visit world-famous Longmen Grottoes and admire thousands of statues on each side of Yi River; visit the first Buddhist temple ever built in China, White Horse Temple; go to the birthplace of Shaolin Division of Martial Arts - Shaolin Temple and enjoy the martial arts performance in the temple. Roundtrip by soft sleeper train is arranged.

Martial Art, Luoyang

Fully experience the charm of central China on your weekend. Explore Shaolin Temple to view 22 different-style pagodas and view the performance of Martial Art; admire numerous statues and caves in Longmen Grottoes; date back the history of China in Luoyang Museum; visit White Horse Temple to see the ancient architectures and Buddhist sutras from India.

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