Beijing Night Tour

When the neon lights are on, you will find a glamorous Beijing. Make good use of your evening time and join in one of our night tours, you will have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and life-style.

Why not take a lift and come to the tallest restaurant in Beijing for a romantic buffet dinner? It is on 405 meter tall CCTV Tower and serves more than 200 dishes for you. It is a revolving restaurant and it takes 80 minutes for a circle and will give you a fantastic panoramic view of Beijing night.

Beijing-explorer provides tickets booking of Kungfu Show, Acrobatic Show and Peking Opera Show and the private transfer service between three most welcomed theatre and your hotel. We would book the seats on your requirements.

We offer some night walk tours for you which are very popular among our clients. Beijing-explorer’s English speaking guide will accompany you to some significant Beijing spots where you probably won’t see in the daytime.

They are Nanluoguxiang, Silver Ingot Bridge in historical Houhai District, or the Ancient Observatory, Arrow Gate along the 600-year-old Old City Wall of Beijing and Former Legation Quarter and old churches, French Post Office in Dongjiao Minxiang, and the lighted National Center of Performance Arts, which is nicknamed as Big Egg floating on the lake.

Beijing-explorer makes all efforts to make your night life in Beijing lots of fun and good value for money.

Qianmen Gate, Beijing

A classic night walk brings you back to the past Peking and turn to the new face of Beijing. Make your own way to the Ancient Observatory where our walk starts. Walk along the remains of the city wall to Qianmen Gate. Head on to the west and end the walk at National Theatre for Performing Arts.

CCTV Tower, Beijing

Have a unique view of CCTV Tower at night. Visit the one of Beijing’s symbols, China Central Television Tower; ascend the 238-meter-high observation balcony to have a 360 degrees panoramic view of the entire city; enjoy a buffet dinner at the highest restaurant; immerse in traditional Beijing culture in the round veranda.

Yandanxiejie, Beijing

Have a good view of the old Beijing at night. Walk through Nanluoguxiang, viewing the chic stores along the road; head for the traditional architecture Drum Tower; reach the Silver Ingot Bridge connecting Houhai Lake and Qianhai Lake, the bar area in Beijing. Guide and private transfers are arranged for you.

Chaoyang Theatre, Beijing

Have a night enjoying the fantastic acrobatic show in Beijing. Visit the long time built Chaoyang Theatre Center; enjoy the most traditional and best-performed Acrobatic Show and even Flying Acrobatic Show. Private transfers and experienced English speaking guide are arranged for you.

The Legend of Kung Fu Show, Beijing

Have a taste of the essence of Kungfu performance at one night. Enjoy the fantastic Kungfu show "The Legend of Kung Fu" about a young boy is dreaming of becoming a Kung Fu Master; have a deep understanding of the Kungfu spirit and culture. Private transfers and experienced English speaking guide are carefully arranged for you.

Beijing Opera

Enjoy the quintessence of Beijing Opera Show on a colorful night. Visit the one of the most attractive theatres, Li Yuan; watch Beijing Opera performances with English sub-titles of the well-known artists; have a chance to taste the famous Chinese tea at Li Yuan Theatre. Transfers and guide are arranged.


Am an expat and I live in Beijing.
Am interested in exploring shopping areas of locals, street shopping and similar kind of one day tour.
Is there any option available??


Thanks for your message.
Hongqiao Market and Beijing zoo area are good places to go.
Again, thanks and all best regards,

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