Beijing Pingyao Tour

Our all-inclusive Beijing-Pingyao tour packages offer travel service for 2 or more days Pingyao tour, tours around Pingyao to Qiao Family compound or Wang’s Compound. Our experienced Pingyao local tour guide will make your holiday a life-time memory.

Pingyao is a small city in central China’s Shanxi Province. The old town with features of Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911) is listed as a UNSECO World Heritage Site. Pingyao was the birth place of China’s first bank and its economy reached the summit in the 19th century. It was then China’s financial center and is often referred to as the Wall Street. Arrays of courtyards constructed by local merchants can be found in the old town.

When we approach Pingyao, the first attraction coming into sight is the grand City Wall, a defensive project encircling the old town. Strolling on the wall, visitors can have a bird’s eye view of a large area of gray roof tops. Step into the town, the old past comes alive. The Ming Qing Street is flanked with shops of local handicraft. Rishengchang shows us the glory of the first Chinese exchange shops. The ancient government office tells everything about the bureaucracy of the feudal society. If time allows, you shouldn’t miss the Temple of City God, Confucius Temple and museums in different themes. For more authentic experience, take a bicycle tour or rickshaw tour.

The Shuanglin Temple 7 km out of town is a hidden treasure. A wide variety of colorful clay sculptures of Buddhist figures were erected with the donation of local residents. The Zhenguo Temple has even longer history than Shuanglin Temple of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The oldest hall was built 1,200 years ago.

Pingyao is also known for the courtyard houses, among which the Qiao Family Compound and Wang Family Compound enjoy high reputation. Qiao Family is famous for its exquisite stone and wooden carvings while the magnificent architecture in Wang Family Compound wins it the name Forbidden City of Folk Residence.

Pingyao lies over 700 km from Beijing. 2 overnight trains are available between the two cities. The provincial capital Taiyuan is only 1.5 hours drive from Pingyao. A D train between Beijing and Taiyuan takes only 4 hours and regular flights take only 80 minutes.

Ming Qing Street, Pingyao

An amazing one day trip to experience the ancient features of China in Pingyao. Walk on the Ancient City Wall, the symbol of the great magnificence of the ancient culture city; have an insight of the earliest financial institution Rishengchang Private Bank to see the ancient China banking system; stroll in the Ming Qing Street to experience the life of past time. Roundtrip by train is arranged.

City Wall, Pingyao

Take early morning flight to Shanxi’s capital city Taiyuan and drive 2 hours to the ancient city Pingyao. A short tour in the old town takes us to the Ancient City Wall built in the early years of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Rishengchang Exchange Shop which is regarded as the first bank of China, and the County Government Office, the basic administrative machinery in feudal society. Flight back to Beijing.

City Wall, Pingyao

Enjoy your weekend in a unique ancient city Pingyao! Appreciate the unique characteristics of North China construction in Qiao Family’s Compound; stroll on one of the 'Three Treasures' in Pingyao, Ancient City Wall; visit the first draft bank of China, Rishengchang; experience the life of past time on Ming Qing Street. Roundtrip by first class seat on train is arranged.

City Wall,Pingyao

Travel with Beijing Explorer to Pingyao and cultural sites around. Take train ride to Taiyuan first and spend the rest of the day exploring Pingyao. The next day we continue to Wang Family Compound – the complex of architecture is known as the folk Forbidden City, and the multi-functional Zhangbi Ancient Castle and the underground tunnels. On Day 3, short stay in Taiyuan before getting back to Beijing.

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