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Enjoy a Qingdao tour from Beijing with best Qingdao tour operator. Beijing Explorer provides high-quality Beijing Qingdao travel service and Tsingdao Laoshan tour by train or by flight. Your private Qingdao tour guide will make your Qingdao stay a pleasant holiday. Please keep in mind that we can always customize a tour for you. Don’t hesitate to send us your requirements.

Qingdao, or Tsingdao, is a clean seaside city positioned in East China’s Shandong Province. Surrounded by sea and mountains, it boasts large bathing beach, beautiful scenery, Gothic and Roman architecture, tasty seafood, and Tsingdao beer! Qingdao is a popular venue for festivals and sport events, among which the yearly Tsingdao International Beer Festival and the 2008 Olympics sailing are the best-known.

Most tourists are drawn to Qingdao by its splendid seascape. The tepid water, soft sands and mild waves at Qingdao No. 1 Bathing Beach are the best in the city. Free of charge, in summer the beach is often crowded with people. The Zhan Bridge stretching 440 meters into the sea at the romantic Qingdao Bay was once a naval pier. Badaguan villa district at the seashore was once occupied by colonialist powers, so the architectures were built by different countries in different styles. Now this calm area is a favored spot for wedding photography. It’s also a good idea to learn beer-brewing process at the Qingdao Beer Museum or to take a walk in the May Fourth Square.

For a light hike, we can find the famous Taoist Mt. Laoshan between mountains and beach, about 30 minutes east of downtown. Lying on the southern slope of Laoshan is the Taiqing Palace, a significant Taoist temple with 1,900 years history.

Qingdao is conveniently connected with Beijing by frequent flights. Whole journey takes only 80 minutes. Going by train is also easy and comfortable. Regular D trains run about every hour. A single way takes 5 hours and 20 minutes. The faster G train takes only 4 hours and 20 minutes. Overnight trains with duration of 12 hours are also available.

Zhan Qiao Pier, Qingdao

Have a good 3-day rest in the picturesque Qingdao! Visit the symbol of Qingdao Zhan Qiao Pier; walk around Badaguan to enjoy the tranquility and exotic architectures; enjoy the bright sunshine on No.1 Bathing Beach; have a visit to Tsingtao Brewery, finding out the secret of Tsingtao Beer; climb the birth places of Chinese Taoism, Mount Lao and visit the first Taoism Temple. Roundtrip is arranged by flight.

No. 1 Bathing Beach, Qingdao

Escape from the summer hot to a sunny beach in Qingdao on you weekends! Freely explore the city; travel to a violin-shaped island Xiaoqingdao Isle, relax yourselves in the sunshine at Zhanqiao Pier; visit the Eight Passes to appreciate the exotic architectures; visit Qingdao Beer Museum to find the secret of making beers; have a good rest on the beach of No. 1 Bathing Beach.

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