Beijing Study Tour

Beijing is the center of Chinese art, culture and education. Its culture is much different from that of other parts of the globe. Steeped with traditions, Beijing is arguably the best place to experience diversified Chinese culture and develop your Chinese communication skills.

Beijing Explorer cooperates with a number of schools and institutes and offers various travel programs with rich recreational and cultural activities. During your exciting tour in Beijing, we can arrange a half-day hands-on lesson to learn basic mandarin, Chinese painting, calligraphy, dish cooking, martial arts, Tai chi, dumpling making, hand-pulled noodles, porcelain making and Chinese tea ceremony. Long-term mandarin, martial arts and Tai chi classes are also available. Factory visits can be made to learn the entire production process of silk and cloisonné, or unveil the myth of jade.

For students on school trips, Beijing has more to offer. An incredible choice of tourist sites, like the Great Wall and Forbidden City, depict the epic history of Beijing and the whole country. Flying kites on the Great Wall is a marvelous experience. Having one to 2 hours’ Tai chi lesson in the Summer Palace, joining in local people’s folk dance and watching calligraphers writing on the ground using sponge-made calligraphy pens in the Temple of Heaven, kicking shuttlecock, playing Tai chi ball, enjoying some time in a local house and sampling home-cooked dishes, having fun singing karaoke, taking campus tour, exchanging with local students, visiting local markets and practicing the Chinese language skill, watching shadow puppet, kung fu, Peking Opera and acrobatic shows, there are so many activities to number. Accommodation at a local school can be arranged.


Experience and learn the traditional Chinese food and sports culture in your trip. Visit a local family and learn how to make dumplings, the most famous and typical Chinese food, with them; have traditional lunch with the family; learn a typical artful Chinese Kungfu, Taichi with a experienced teacher.

Bird's Nest, Beijing

Approach to the traditional Chinese culture and history in a trip. Appreciate the magnificent imperial building complex, Tian’anmen Square and Forbidden City; visit traditional residential area, Hutongs and Drum Tower; have a view of the Chinese college life in the universities; visit Summer Palace and learn Taichi; have a stroll in the old market and enjoy Chinese food and tea.

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