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Beijing Explorer offers Taishan tour packages with best travel service and reasonable price. Our diversified Taishan tours include Mt. Taishan tours as well as trips to Qufu and Jinan. Remember, we can always customize a tour for you. Just feel free to send us your requirements.

Mt. Taishan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the five Taoist sacred mountains in China. It’s standing in the north of Tai’an City in the south of Shandong Province and the main peak rises 1,545 meters above sea level. The mountain boasts both natural scenery and significant cultural sites. In the feudal society, it was frequented by emperors for enthronement, making sacrifices and other important ceremonies.

The traditional climbing route begins at the Red Gate (Hongmen). En route, you will find numberless stone inscriptions, tablets, memorial objects and ancient temples. It’s a very energy-demanding route taking at least 5 hours to reach the top. If you prefer a comfortable trip, take the west route where transfer bus and cable car are available.

At the foot of the mountain is the Dai Temple in the style of an imperial palace. 1.5 hours away from Tai’an is Confucius’ hometown Qufu where tourists have chance to know about every aspect of this great thinker and his family. The Memorial Temple of Confucius, Kong Family Mansion and Cemetery of Confucius are not to be missed. To the north of Tai’an is the provincial capital Jinan, known as the spring city. Baotu Spring Park is the best-known tourist site.

How to get to Taishan from Beijing:
Tai’an is around 500 km from Beijing. By car, single trip takes at least 6 hours. Trains run regularly between the two cities. A train with initial D takes 2.5 t0 3 hours. G trains take only 2 hours. Overnight trains are also available with journey duration of 7.5 hours.

Baotu Spring Park, Taishan

Take a 3-day trip to experience the highlight of Shandong Province. Take a visit to the Number One Spring under the Heaven Baotu Spring Park; visit Dai Temple at the southern foot of Mt. Tai; climb Taishan Mountain to worship the god of heaven and earth; experience a real Confucius in Confucius Temple, Confucius Mansion and Confucius Family Graveyard. Roundtrip is arranged by express train.


Explore the most important one of China’s Five Sacred Mountains on your weekend! Climb Mt. Tai to view the cultural relics, appreciate the fantabulous sceneries and admire the wonderful plants; have a visit to the Dai Temple, viewing the holy pilgrimage place emperors used to worship the god of Mt. Taishan. Private transfers and English speaking guide are arranged for you.

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