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Extend your Beijing tour to the metropolis Tianjin. Beijing Explorer provides Tianjin land service for those who want to experience an unforgettable urban life of once-foreign-concession and now a booming economic development area along Bohai Gulf in north China.

Tianjin is the one of the largest city in China and one of four municipal cities of China together with Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. Tianjin is divided into Old Town and Binhai New Area. The old town is located along Hai River which connects Yangtze River and Yellow River through the Grand Canal which was constructed during the Sui Dynasty in the 7th century AD. In the joint of South Canal and North Canal, it became Sanhui Haikou, the birth place of transportation civilization of Tianjin. Tianjin used to be called Zhigu, which literally means Direct Port. In 1404, Emperor Yongle of Ming Dynasty renamed the city Tianjin, which means Heavenly Ford, in remembrance of a campaign which won him the throne from his nephew. Later a fort of set up in Tianjin and the city was then named Fort of Tianjin. In 1860, Tianjin was opened to Britain and France for foreign trade. Thus, Tianjin became the home of foreign concessions from the late 19th century to 1940s. From 1949 to 1958, Tianjin was the municipal city in Hebei Province. Since 1967, Tianjin became a direct-controlled municipality.

The main tourist attractions in Tianjin include Dabei Monastery, Cultural Street, Food Street, Drum Tower, Hai River Park and Five Main Avenues.

The distance between Beijing and Tianjin is 120 kilometers. Regular inter-city trains connect the two cities in just 35 minutes. The trains depart Beijing South Railway Station every 15 minutes daily from 06:30 in the morning until 22:25 in the evening. Jingjintang Expressway links Beijing City, urban area of Tianjin to Tanggu District (the port) in a very convenient way. Beijing Explorer provides train tickets booking along with tour arrangements for you.


An excellent option for you to spend your weekend in Tianjin. Visit Yangliuqing Painting Studio to see the making of New Year Paintings; walk in the first mansion in North China, Shi Family Courtyard (Shifu); wander around the Ancient Culture Street, viewing architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasty style and finding out all kinds of Tianjin handicrafts. Roundtrip is arranged by train on fist class seat.

Century Clock,Tianjin

A wonderful choice to enjoy a new life in Tianjin on weekends! Visit the symbol of Modern Industry in the city, Century Clock; walk in Haihe River Park and appreciate the long culture wall; enjoy delicious food on famous Nanshi Food Street; date back to Qing dynasty on Ancient Culture Street; stroll on the Wudadao Sightseeing Street to admire different styles of buildings.

Heping Road,Tianjin

Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable weekend in Tianjing. Visit the landmark of the city, Century Clock; take a stroll on the Binjiang Dao Walking Street and Heping Road to view the real local life; enjoy delicacy on the Nanshi Food Street; visit one of the “Tianjin Three Treasures”, Drum Tower; relax, eat and sightsee on the Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street.


April 10
Do you offer a half day tour of Tianjin must see sights?
Please quote for a 38 seater.


Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for your enquiry. We will be very pleased to arrange the day trip to Tianjin for you on 10th of April with 38 seater coach. Regarding the tour arrangments and other info, I have sent an email to your mail box. Please feel free to contact me either by phone in Beijing 64096031 or email to
All best regards,
Beijing Explorer Team

Davidson Chee

With regards Beijing-Tianjin Day Trip by Train (BJTJ01), I would like to know if there are any non-private trips that allow me to split the cost with other travelers that books for the trip? I don't want to participate in the trip alone and pay such a high price. In anyway is there a chance for me to share the trip with strangers and book at a lower price?


Dear Davidson,
Thanks for your interest to our tour. Regarding the Beijing to Tianjin day trip by train, there isn't English-speaking groups departing from Beijing. We can help to book you into a Chinese-speaking group for you and have an English-speaking guide included or not. The prices can be lower. We have sent an email to your mailbox. So please let me know if you have any further questions by phoning Beijing-explorer team at 010-64096031 or emailing to
All Best Wishes,
Beijing-Explorer Team

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