2 Days Beijing Extensions

If you have two extra days after your Beijing tour and wish to see more of China, or if you are interested in a weekend getaway during your stay in Beijing, 2 Days Beijing Extension offers extensive range of tour options. Our pre-arranged tours have roundtrip transportation, transfers with air-conditioned vehicle, accommodation and knowledgeable guide included.

Destinations you can visit in 2 days include Xian, Luoyang, Pingyao, Datong, Grasslands near Hohhot, Tianjin, Taishan and Chengde. All these cities are easily connected with Beijing by railway and flight.

Xian is world famous for the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum; Luoyang’s highlight is the Longmen Grottoes and Shaolin Temple - the birthplace of Chinese martial arts; Pingyao ancient town, dotted with numerous cultural sites, depicts the glory of Shanxi merchants; the must-sees of Datong include the Yungang Caves, Hanging Temple and the Mt. Wutaishan nearby; Chengde’s Summer Resort represents the highest level of Chinese garden and imperial architecture; Tianjin is only half an hour’s train ride away and offers lots of snacks for visitors to sample; the grasslands near Hohhot are ideal choices for summer escape.

If there’s no budget restraint and you prefer a quick tour to see something very different from the Middle Kingdom, Chengdu, Guilin, Guiyang and Harbin are recommended. Chengdu is home to giant pandas; Guilin’s fascinating countryside view is reputed home and abroad; the ethnic villages near Guiyang show the exotic culture of minorities; and Harbin holds annually the world’s largest Ice and Snow Festival.

Please find more tours on our 3 days Beijing Extension.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Xian

2 days tour to Xian by flight, a perfect choice for a Beijing weekend tour. See the Eighth Wonder of the World – Terracotta Warriors and Horses; Visit the village of matriarchal society – Banpo Neolithic Village; learn more of Shaanxi history in the provincial museum and Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

Qiao Family’s Compound, Pingyao

Enjoy your weekend in a unique ancient city Pingyao! Appreciate the unique characteristics of North China construction in Qiao Family’s Compound; visit the first draft bank of China, Rishengchang; experience the life of past time on Ming Qing Street. Roundtrip by first class seat on train is arranged.

Summer Resort, Chengde

Enjoy an incredible weekend in Chengde! Take a visit in Chengde Summer Resort to admire the royal palaces and gardens; view the largest Tibetan Buddhist Temple in North China, Universal Peace Temple; explore the largest one among all eight outer temples the Little Potala Palace. Roundtrip by train is arranged.

Shaolin Temple, Luoyang

A wonderful choice for you to get close to Martial Art. Visit world-famous Longmen Grottoes; visit the first Buddhist temple ever built in China, White Horse Temple; go to the birthplace of Shaolin Division of Martial Arts - Shaolin Temple and enjoy the martial arts performance in the temple. Roundtrip by soft sleeper train is arranged.

Yungang Grottoes, Datong

Enjoy a wonderful 2-day trip to Datong by private air-conditioned vehicle. Visit Yungang Grottoes - one of the three famed Buddhist sculptural sites; take an adventure in Hanging Monastery on a sheer precipice; view the tallest ancient wooden-structured wonder in China – Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County.

Xilamuren Grassland and riding, Hohhot

Escape from the normal life and fully soak in the exotic northwest features! Adventure in the beautiful Xilamuren Grassland and riding on the greengrass; enjoy the Mongolian dancing and singing performances to feel local life; view the Buddhist temple Five Pagoda Temple. Round trip by soft-sleeper is arranged.

Ancient Cultural Street, Tianjin

Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable weekend in Tianjin. Visit the landmark of the city, Century Clock; take a stroll on the Binjiang Dao Walking Street and Heping Road to view the real local life; enjoy delicacy on the Nanshi Food Street; relax, eat and sightsee on the Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street.

panda, Chengdu

A Chengdu tour designed for your weekend trip. 2 nights in the city to see the best Chengdu can offer. Visiting the pandas is a must. Explore the mysterious ancient culture of Sichuan area in Sanxingdui Museum; visit the largest museum of the Three Kingdoms Period Wuhou Memorial Temple; walk on the old Jinli Street.

Li River, Guilin

Enjoy the miraculous scenic beauty of Guilin on a two-day flight tour. View stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations in Reed Flute Cave; find out the secret of cormorant birds - fantastic fishing skills; go downstream Li River to enjoy the grand hills, verdant fields and farms; have a leisure time in Yangshuo’s West Street.

Huangguoshu Waterfall, Guiyang

Have a distinctive and attractive weekend on southwest China! Explore the famous mountain Qianling Mountain in Qianling Park; feel the mysterious atmosphere in Hongfu Temple; enjoy the most famous and picturesque Huangguoshu Waterfall; stroll and relax in the Tianlong Fortress. Round trip by flight is arranged.

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