Great Wall Tour

For the first time visitors to Beijing, Great Wall, with no doubt, is the No. 1 tourist attraction to see. For the long-term residents in Beijing, hiking in a part of wild non-restored Great Wall is very fun to do in the weekends or holidays.

Great Wall is in our daily life. Of total length of 6259 kilometres, Beijing and its suburban districts host 630 kilometres including Badaling, Mutianyu, Juyongguan, Simatai which are among the first portions of Great Wall opened to foreign tourists. In Beijing’s neighbouring Hebei Province, people can visit Jinshanling, Gubeikou, Shanhaiguan sections of Great Wall.

Although the earliest Great Wall was built before Emperor Qinshihuang unified China in 221BC, the wall appeared in Beijing area mostly constructed in Ming Dynasties whereas Beijing was the capital city and a key military fort in North China.

Besides regular day trip to Badaling, Juyongguan or Mutianyu Great Wall, we can also arrange hiking trips to more authentic parts, such as Jinshanling, Gubeikou or Simatai. Camping trips are also available on the Great Wall. Our one-day Coach Tour to Great Wall is very popular among the visitors to Beijing.

Great Wall Bus Tour

Beijing Explorer provides join-in group tours to the most popular sections of the Great Wall. Easy booking, quick confirmation and payment onboard.

Private Great Wall Tours
Badaling Great Wall, Beijing

Half-day excursion on the most magnificent section of the Great Wall. Start/end your tour at your Beijing hotel, in the airport or Tianjin Xingang Port. Cable car is optional. Trek on Badaling Great Wall for at least 2 hours to enjoy the fabulous scenic beauty and appreciate the significant ancient architectures.

Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing

A perfect option to spend your weekend on the famous Chinese landmark! Hike on Mutianyu Great Wall to explore the three unique features, battlements on both sides of the wall, branch Walls and closely located watch towers. Private transfers and experienced English speaking guide are arranged.

Dingling, Beijing

Grab a chance to know Beijing better! Explore the only excavated grave Dingling in Underground Palace of Ming Tombs and find out the unearthed historic relics; hike on the Eighth Wonder the Great Wall at Juyongguan and admire Cloud Terrace – a marble platform with artistic carvings, inscriptions and images.

Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing

Explore a new China underground and on the wall! Find ou the secret and historic relics of ancient empire in Dingling Underground Palace of Ming Tombs; explore Mutianyu Great Wall to admire the amazing defense built in ancient China and scenic beauty surrounding it.

Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing

A wonder choice to spend your weekend on the World Eighth Wonder! Relax yourself on the air conditioned and enjoy the beautiful scenery out of the window; hike on the elegant and significant Mutianyu Great Wall; enjoy the various natural beauties in different seasons.

Badaling Great Wall, Beijing

Have a day trip to taste the magnificence and tranquility of Beijing. Explore the Badaling Great Wall to view the amazing defenses, watch tower and platforms; visit the royal garden Summer Palace, relaxing in the beautiful lakes, pavilions and corridors. Private transfers and experienced English speaking guide are arranged.

Gubeikou Great Wall, Beijing

Experience a distinctive section of Great Wall! Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way; explore the Great Wall at Gubeikou to appreciate the remains of unique watchtowers, beacon towers and the body of the wall. Air conditioned vehicle, English speaking tour guide and Chinese lunch are arranged.

Gubeikou Great Wall, Beijing

Challenge yourself to climb two sections of the Great Wall in one day. Hike on the most important fortress without any repairs by manpower, the Great Wall at Gubeikou; climb the highest point in Jinshanling section, “Watching Beijing Tower”. Air conditioned vehicle and English speaking tour guide are arranged.

Forbidden City, Beijing

Have a taste of the essence of Beijing in one day! Hike on the Juyongguan Great Wall to appreciate the famous Guancheng and stone sculptures on the marble cloud terrace; visit the geographical heart of the city, Tiananmen Square; stroll in the former imperial palace of 24 emperors the Forbidden City.

Badaling Great Wall, Beijing

Fully explore the famous Great Wall near Beijing in one day! Visit the best-preserved Great Wall at Badaling, admiring the eighth wonder in the world; head for Juyongguan Pass to appreciate magnificent defense. Private transfers and experienced English speaking guide are arranged.

Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing

Experience a different Beijing in one day trip! Hike on the most elegant Mutianyu Great Wall to view the battlements on each side, the branch Walls and watch towers; visit the largest Buddhist garden in Northern China , the Hongluo Temple to enjoy the natural beauty and religious culture.

Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing

Relax yourself in the fabulous natural beauty! Visit the Qinglongxia Scenic Resort to enjoy the mountains, valleys, Great Wall and reservoir; enjoy the panoramic view of the resort on the top of mountain; hike on the best-preserved sections of the Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Beijing

Enjoy a day trip to explore “the Northern Gate to the Capital City” Huanghuacheng Great Wall! Appreciate the great ancient architectures, bacon towers and walls; catch the amazing sight that the Great Wall under water- Yukou Lake. Private transfers and experienced English speaking guide are arranged.

Huangyaguan Great Wall, Beijing

Have a whole day fun on a distinctive Great Wall! Admire the amazing architecture stretching on the abrupt mountain ridges; appreciate the beautiful natural sceneries; find the restore a Great Wall Museum and a stone steles forest. Air conditioned vehicle and English speaking guide are arranged.


Do you have Places for badaling tour tomorrow ?


Dear Dcruz,
Many Thanks for your enquiry.
We can offer Badaling group tour for you.
If you have any questions please contact us freely,
Again, thanks and all the best!

China Holidays Beijing Office

Fred Mudd

I have three friends who are going to a wedding in Bangkok. They have a six hour layover at Beijing International Airport. Is there anyway that they get a quick trip to the Wall and back in time for their flight? Any help would be greatly appreciated. They will arrive in Beijing on Wednesday, 11 Nov 15.
Respectfully, Fred Mudd


Dear Fred,
Many thanks for your enquiry!
please see the details and price in the email.
Time is very tight and I hope we have enough time for your trip!
All the best and thanks again!

Chna Holidays Beijing Office


you show in a picture posted in your "Great wall tour" listing, a picture showing a group of young people what appears to be on top of a portion of the great wall; some of them in wheelchairs. There are 4 of us (all seniors), one in a wheelchair that will be in Beijing October 7th to 9th. We do want to see the great wall. Are wheelchairs allowed on the great wall? If so what section? Are they allowed to be carried up/down the lifts that go up to the top of the wall? Can a wheelchair be used to get from the parking to the lift? I can walk a little bit but do need a wheelchair to go very far.
thanks, Dave


Dear Dave,
Thank you for your questions. The pictures you mentioned were taked in 2008 during Beijing Olympic Games. Our company was appointed to be the only land service provider of British Paralympic Team. We were honoured to have the works servicing the athelets who used the wheelchair. The wheelchair-friendly portion of Great Wall is in Badaling, about 75km from Beijing downtown. We are very experienced and happy to provide the tour arrangements for you. Please send me email for any further questions. Email address is
All best regards,
Beijing Explorer Team

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