1 Days Beijing Extensions

If you have booked a tour to China and you would like to have a pre-tour or a post-tour extension from Beijing for one day, come and talk to us! Beijing Explorer offers different options for you to deepen your understanding to China especially the areas not too far from Beijing. For those reside in Beijing, have one day escape from busy urban life by a quick dip into a total different city is an overall smart thing to do in any public holiday.

We offer daily departures to Chengde, Xi’an, Tianjin and Pingyao from Beijing for one day trips. All trips start with English speaking guide’s pick-up service from your hotel, private car or coach transfer to airport or railway station, train or air tickets booking for you, on arrival greeting and meeting in the visited city, tour and sighting, and transfer to railway station or airport for transportation back to Beijing. When you arrive in Beijng, our guide will meet you and drive you back to Beijing hotel.

Destinations for one day excursions are Chengde, Xi’an, Tianjin and Pingyao. Chengde is famous for its Summer Resort which constructed in the Golden Eras in Qing Dynasty and is the largest complex of Chinese imperial garden and palatial buildings. Xian is re-known for its many historical structures and as the hometown of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Army of the first emperor of China which was constructed more than 2200 years ago. Tianjin is a harbour city which witnessed the exhilarating changes in the past 100 years happened there from foreign concessions to a people-governed metropolis in North China. The bullet inter-city trains depart Beijing South Railway station every 15 minutes daily and arrive in Tianjin Rail Station in just 35 minutes. It is a terrific experience to extend your day outside Beijing. Pingyao in Beijing’s neighboring Shanxi Province is a great example of Chinese ancient town in Northern part of China and lies on the key position in the banking and finance development of China.

Make good use of your day, travel with Beijing Explorer for one day excursions from Beijing.

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City Wall, Pingyao

An amazing one day trip to experience the ancient features of China in Pingyao. Walk on the Ancient City Wall, the symbol of the great magnificence of the ancient culture city; have an insight of the earliest financial institution Rishengchang Private Bank to see the ancient China banking system; stroll in the Ming Qing Street to experience the life of past time. Roundtrip by train is arranged.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Xian

Beijing-Xian-Beijing tour to see the essence of Xian in one day. Visit the incredible Terracotta Warriors and Horses – guardians for the mausoleum of China’s first emperor Qinshihuang. In this brief tour, you will also linger on the 14-kilometer-long encircled City Wall to enjoy a great view of the city. Roundtrip flights are arranged.

Bell Tower, Xian

Beijing-Xian-Beijing roundtrip by overnight train with a soft sleeper. The train duration is 11.5 to 13 hours. Each soft –sleeper cabin is facilitated with a sliding door and 4 beds, so it’s very likely that you will share a cabin with strangers. If it isn’t during a public holiday, a private 4-bed or 2-bed cabin can be arranged at extra cost.

Summer Resort, Chengde

A wonderful trip for you to leave the hustle and bustle of big city and immerse in the spectacular history and beauty in Chengde. Head for Summer Resort (Mountain Resort) to admire the splendid royal palace complex with elegant gardens and tranquil lakes; visit the largest Tibetan Buddhist Temple in North China Universal Peace Temple (Big Buddha Temple). Roundtrip is arranged by private car.

County Government Office, Pingyao

Take early morning flight to Shanxi’s capital city Taiyuan and drive 2 hours to the ancient city Pingyao. A short tour in the old town takes us to the Ancient City Wall built in the early years of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Rishengchang Exchange Shop which is regarded as the first bank of China, and the County Government Office, the basic administrative machinery in feudal society. Flight back to Beijing.

Ancient Culture Street, Tianjin

An excellent option for you to spend your weekend in Tianjin. Visit Yangliuqing Painting Studio to see the making of New Year Paintings; walk in the first mansion in North China, Shi Family Courtyard (Shifu); wander around the Ancient Culture Street, viewing architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasty style and finding out all kinds of Tianjin handicrafts. Roundtrip is arranged by train on fist class seat.

Haihe River Park , Tianjin

A wonderful choice to enjoy a new life in Tianjin on weekends! Visit the symbol of Modern Industry in the city, Century Clock; walk in Haihe River Park and appreciate the long culture wall; enjoy delicious food on famous Nanshi Food Street; date back to Qing dynasty on Ancient Culture Street; stroll on the Wudadao Sightseeing Street to admire different styles of buildings.

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