One Day Beijing Tour

For a perfect day in Beijing, you will start with a warm smile and “Zaoshang Hao” (Good Morning!) from English-speaking guide of Beijing Explorer. Followed by a ten-hour trip in the capital city, you will feel the pulse of the old living quarter of Hutong or step on the Great Wall, symbol of glorious civilization of 5000 years or immerse yourself into the modern art of China with 798 factory workshops.

Our Great Wall day tours cover all the popular portions such as Badaling, Mutianyu, Juyongguan, some relatively untouched sections such as Huanghuacheng, Guangyaguan and further sections good for hiking tours such as Jinshanling and Gubeikou. Our city tours include all the visits to regular tourist sites, World Cultural Heritages, botanical parks, Art Gallery and Art Factory, etc.

You would say there are too much to see in Beijing, well, come and have a look at those carefully designed Beijing day tours, you will find one mostly suitable to you, whether it is a Great Wall hiking trip or a Buddhist pilgrimage to suburban Tanzhe Temple and Jietai Temple. If you have one day free in Beijing, we at Beijing Explorer are more than pleased to offer you chances to see different aspects of Beijing.

Enjoy your perfect day in Beijing, travel with Beijing Explorer!

Forbidden City, Beijing

Enjoy the significance of Beijing in one day. Stroll on the Tiananmen Square to see the well-known buildings surrounded it; visit the lavishly decorated chambers and halls in Forbidden City; go to Panda Hall to view the adorable animal, especially pandas; head for Summer Palace, enjoying the excellent sceneries.

Summer Palace, Beijing

Fully immerse yourself in the rich history of Beijing! Visit the lagest imperial sacrificial temple complex in the world, the Temple of Heaven; exokore the amazing the Forbidden City to admire numerous exquisite palaces; stroll on the heart of the city, Tian’anmen Square; relax yourself in the picturesque Summer Palace.

Forbidden City, Beijing

A wonderful day tour to enjoy the essence of Beijing in one day! Appreciate a wide range of Chinese artistic collections in the National Museum; stroll on the Tiananmen Square to view influential architectures; explore the significant imperial palace complex, Forbidden City.

Panda Hall, Beijing

Relax yourself in the leisurely and comfortable Beijing life! Have a walk in Hutong to experience the real local life; meander on Nanluoguxiang finding the chic bars, shops and cafes; visit and prayer in the highest standard Buddhism Monastery Yonghe lamasery; feel the rich Confucian culture in the Confucius temple; view the lovely animals in Panda zoo.

798 Factory,Beijing

Approach a modern and artistic Beijing in one day! Recall the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in Olympic Park viewing the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube; visit the modern art galleries and studios in 798 Art Zone; explore the chic-designed National Center for Performing Arts.

798 Factory,Beijing

Find an artistic and chic Beijing on your trip! Visit the China National Art Museum to appreciate the traditional and modern Chinese artistic works; explore 798 Art Zone to find the grotesque modernist sculptures and caves. Private transfers and experienced English speaking guide are arranged.


A perfect idea for you to taste the rich history and beautiful scenery in the Beijing suburbs. Explore the village with 400-year history, Cuandixia Village; visit various temples in the villages; prayer Guangong Temple for wealth, Niangniang Temple for offspring, Kwun Yam Temple for blessing peace.

Botanical Garden

Have a whole day fully immerse in a green Beijing! Visit Beijing Botanical Garden, viewing the luxuriant tropical and subtropical plants and flowers in north China; relax yourself in the picturesque lakes, hills and corridors in Summer Palace. Air-conditioned vehicles and English speaking guides are arranged.

Jietai Temple, Beijing

Fully experience the Buddhist culture in Beijing on a one day trip. Visit the Jietai Temple to view the largest marble altar and admire the amazing ancient pine trees; study cultural relics and enjoy the natural scenic beauty in Tanzhe Temple. Private English-speaking tour guide and transfers with air condition vehicles are arranged.


A wonderful idea to know every aspect of Beijing City. Visit the museum of Peking Man Site, fully obtaining the genesis of beijingers; stroll on the Lugou Briage to appreciate the architectural marvel and recall the history of Chinese Revolution; explore the Stone Flower Cave to enjoy the splendid views of stalagmite and stalactites on each floor.

Eastern Qing Tombs, Beijing

Grab the chance to explore the underground history of Qing Dynasty! Walk on the sacred road to feel the stately atmosphere from Qing Dynasty; explore the most splendid burial ground of Emperor Qianlong Yuling; visit the Ding Dongling in Putuo Valley. Private transfers and experienced English speaking guide are arranged for you.

Western Qing Tombs, Beijing

Explore the underground history of Qing Dynasty in one day. Drive to West Qing Tombs in Yixian county, Hebei province; visit the earliest and largest construction Tai Tomb and the last emperor of Qing, Puyi's Tomb. Air-conditioned vehicle and English speaking guide are arranged.

Wuqiao Acrobatic

Have a whole day immersing in the incredible Chinese traditional acrobatic in Wuqiao. Visit one of the earliest birthplaces of acrobatic, Wuqiao Acrobatic World; experience in the only Acrobatics theme park all over the world and the largest type of performance tourist attraction. Air-conditioned vehicle and English speaking guide are carefully arranged for you.

Chinese aviation museum

Have a marvelous day for exploring an amazing collection of airplans which located in Chinese aviation museum! There’s no doubt that the visual impact would be massive by visiting over 200 aircraft with an emphasis on the Korean War and the Cold War. Air-conditioned vehicle and English speaking guide are carefully arranged for you.

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